Tour 75

Get a 75 minutes tour in Flåm, and see some of the viewpoints.

A guided tour that explores some of the most beautiful viewpoints Flåm has to offer. In addition, this tour includes a ride along the beautiful bay towards Otternes, where you will see a cluster of 18-century farms in the hillside.

The guide will safely follow you around and give you interesting information about the sights that are visited during the tour. This tour is perfect for visitants who are looking for an amazing, fun and knowable experience of what Flåm has to offer.

Every tour consists of a brief 10-minute safety instruction and testing of equipment.

It is possible to choose an alternative route in this tour. Instead of the part when we ride towards Otternes, you can choose to go up the Flåm valley to sees Flåm-church (See Tour-120). I you want to make this change, just write it in the comment field when you order!