In General

Booking terms and condition
Tours can be changed or canceled up to 2 days (48 hours) before departure free of charge. For changes and cancellations later than 10 days before departure, there is no refund. This also applies if you book less than 2 days before the start date of the tour.
Bad weather does not give grounds for cancellation. If, on the other hand, El-tour has to cancel for safety reasons due to bad weather conditions, a refund will be given.

Do you offer cancellation protection?
El-tour do not offer a cancellation protection, so we recommend everyone to buy a private travel insurance covering potential cancellation.

What to do if you want to change or cancel your booking.
If you need to cancel or change your booking, please contact our customer service at or call us on 0047 92 35 10 20.

What age is considered a child?
16+ Adult

0-15 Child

How do we arrange payment for a tour?
Payment is made when you book online. Call us if you are trying to book an activity the same day or just before departure, and we will help you arrange booking and payment.

: Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, we have, as it is now, reduced capacity and opportunity to do our tours. This will change consecutively, and we follow the guidelines given by the authorities.

If you have questions regarding our bus tours, please send us an email.

Regardin Segway tours

Is it possible to book a tour at your shop?
Yes, it is possible to book a tour at our shop (trailer). However it is probably safer to order up front at our website, to avoid that we are sold out.
Be aware: In some parts of the season, we will only be present on our regular spot the days we have online bookings. So if you want to be assured of getting a ride with us, book online.

The 2023 season:
From April 1th to September 30th.
Present the days we have online bookings. See our online booking calendar. If the trailer is closed, call us.

Where do we meet our guide?
The guide will meet you by our trailer at the big open space in front of the railway museum in Flåm.  Check-in & Training: Arrive 10 minutes prior to tour start. You will then receive a helmet, safety vest and sign our waiver of liability. We train you individually, and you will get necessary practice before we begin the tour (don't worry - it's super easy!)

What is a PT?
PT or personal transporter is a personal two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle. At first it was called HT, human transporter. Among the most common brands we find Segway and Ninebot. In 2015 Segway was fully acquired by a Chinese company called Ninebot. We use both Segway and Ninebot.

Who can join the tour?
Almost anyone can ride join the tour. You will receive training, and after a few minutes most participants manage to ride the PT. In Norway the the PT is approved as a bicyckle, and will be regulated under the laws of the use of bicycles. To ride with us, you have to be at least 10 yerars old, have to wear helmet, and can not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Due to safty reasons, minimun body weight is 45 kg, and maximum body weight is 117 kg.

What to do if it rains?
It is not unusual that it rains in Norway. In most cases we lend out rain-ponchos and complete the tour. In case of heavy rain, we can reschedule or even cancel if you wish. We do reserve the right to cancel your tour if we think there is too much rain.

Can i rent a PT without a guide?
It is not possible to rent a PT whitout a guide. We also do rides for birthday parties, private events, bachelor parties, company etc, but then with an instructor. 


Release of liability
Yes, as with most other companies that do guiding with Segway,  you must sign a release of liability before you can participate in the tour. If you are under 18 years of age, you must obtain a signature from your guardian.